Sunday, 23 October 2011

Introduction of EPL


The child first starts working with the "Exercises of Practical Life" which leads to the overall development of the child. Here the child performs activities like sweeping, polishing, pouring, sorting etc. 
The EPL are designed to teach the child to function in his own environment by teaching him how to cope with the things around him. The daily functions of our house are routine and simple to us but they are new and exciting to a child. So often we scold a young child for banging doors etc. and yet have we ever taken the time to show him the proper way of doing things=
It is only after he has learnt to master his home environment, then the child is ready to begin the more complicated process of learning. In the Montessori environment the child is introduced to activities like threading, which helps in the strengthening of the writing fingers. Similarly different activities like Solid Pouring and Liquid Pouring enhances the child's concentration. He learns the importance of hygiene through activities like sneezing, coughing etc. and social graces through activities like "Aslam o Alekum"," Hi " These activities indirectly prepares the child to move forward in the different areas of learning.

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